UPDATE:  Federal eviction moratorium has been extended until 3/31/21.  Get the latest news and understand your rights.


Barbourville, KY
February 10th, 2021|

Hi, my name is Paul and I am 58 years old. I have had COPD for the past 8 years. In February of 2020, I rented a trailer from a lady for $300 per month, without a written agreement, but got a text from her saying I could have it for as long as I wanted it. Four months later someone came to my place with 4 other guys saying leave or be thrown out, so me and my dog Abby left. Later that evening I came to get my stuff, but they had already hauled it off, stolen everything I had. My clothes, my brand new riding mower. They sold the mower to one of their family members. I then lived in a tent in the mountains without water, until November, when I got a rent-to-own cabin. Right now I have no water or electricity or heat. I don’t have clothes, and it has been so cold I can hardly breathe and I hurt all in my body. Please I need help.