UPDATE:  Federal eviction moratorium has been extended through 6/30/21.  Get the latest news and understand your rights.

RoShawna S

Tulsa, OK
April 21st, 2021|

I live in Tulsa Oklahoma in a fairly decent sized apartment complex. I was working as a MHT mental health pet for Brookhaven I was fired after two-and-a-half 3 months of being infected with covid from the facility. I was forced back on the schedule to work as I was ill the thing is when you’re on the schedule and don’t show up for your shift it’s called abandonment of patient so you lose your job.

I showed up spoke to the d o n let her know that I was not mentally ready to come back also I was still ill with symptoms and I did not have a negative test. Come to find out they had others they’re working with those patients that weren’t sick and had text working with patients that were sick. So how they fired me they said that I was a no-call no-show they made it look legitimate by putting me on the clock and when I told her I was not better she said okay but she did ask why did you come in then well when you’re on the clock you don’t show you lose your job and I need my job so I’m telling you face-to-face I’m not ready I’m still ill. I came to do this right at least I thought that made me lose my job it was so weird the way it all happened I’m sure a lot of my rights were violated in wrongful termination also not looking out for the best interest the patient or staff member.

That caused me can I have a job after I got better on unemployment what’s backed up rent. I went to Helping Hands they put pledge toward my rent stop with the I guess the apartment main guy I’m not sure his title thank you sample what is she going to do for me if I not evict her because the facility Helping Hands said that we’re not going to put this pledge we have to ask you we put this pledge you do not affect this woman he says he’s going to do for me and agrees to $75 a week I have been Faithfully doing that I got a certified letter in the mail from them stating that they missed me at my door tell me that I have to be out by the 15th then I also received another one within a week stating that I have to be out by the 30th if I’m out by the 15th or the 30th which everyone the paper is saying that I will be liable for all rent if I move I guess they’re going to wave all monies due.

I have two daughters that still live with me and my son thank God his father keeps him every once in awhile and my daughter is getting old enough to try and fend for herself but I have my 17 year old and I’m going to have to go and stay in the shelter because they keep pushing me and pushing me even though I’m trying I’m looking for jobs every week I am now taking the CNA class which I have to pay for I have a car payment of $250 as well I have to keep the internet on for virtual schooling both phone lines because I have to keep communication with her while I’m in class out searching for a job. I don’t know why I don’t understand why they don’t see that I’m communicating with them I’m doing everything I told them I would do from the time Helping Hands called in a dream it in but the pledge towards my rent of $500.

I don’t know what to do so I’m packing my stuff right now as we speak and trying to find somewhere where I can store it until I find shelter for me and my babies. I don’t know if this is a story but I know is what’s going on with my life right now you know what I had cold and I sat here by myself I have asthma really bad immune system isn’t really become anemic I kind of went through a little mental trauma watching the news seeing how in a split-second a blink of an eye people were turning for the worse just as fast as you can slap your finger nobody came to check on me except for one lady Linda thank you Linda for that one visit I feel alone scared and mentally unstable and symptomatic like crazy having all kind of things going on no one knows what my journey was like set for you to treat me as if I’m not having a crisis or unable to help myself correctly right now due to a new modern time of ailment call covid-19 everyone around me that’s human just like me are experiencing.

I’ve heard people say that they have gotten assistance where it pays the whole for rent I haven’t found that yet I’ve been searching and looking believe you me if I could find that I would utilize it. But these people that I’m renting from have no compassion they don’t even understand my shoe size because they don’t want to put their foot in my shoe. I have videos of my tub being stopped up full of mud because the whole sink in the kitchen was messing up holes in the cracks rat Boo Boo on top of my refrigerator that I have to clean off almost every day I’ve even asked them to move me to just downsize me so that I could have a lower cost of rent no compliance.

I’m sorry I feel like I’m just ranting but this is really really true and I’m sitting here with my book nursing book open the name of the book Hartman’s nursing assistant care the basics for the basics apartment publishing with each other p**** RN Ms 5th edition trying to study so that I can get this certificate 4 someone that’s prospecting me to be and there’s assistant I’m saying this because I’m trying and they still don’t care like I said I got two letters this is not the first time I’ve done it is likely trying to scare me out is not an actual eviction letter but they’re writing it out like it’s an eviction letter and then they send it in the mail another one to make it seem certified so that I would just up and leave then I see this CDC application and I read that whole thing is like they can’t do this right now I’m going to print that out and give that to them and see what happens from there if anyone likes to reach out to me and give me a little help I really would like to being a different environment and live a little bit healthier than this apartment complex anyways so if you have a resource or something I’ve already dialed 211 several times don’t be appreciated well thanks for listening world great morning in my anxiety calming voice.