UPDATE:  The CDC eviction moratorium has ended.  Read The Eviction Lab's FAQ to learn more.

Alicia S

Macon , GA
February 2nd, 2022|

I October 2021 I ended up losing my apartment when my roommate moved out and May and my partner was incarcerated for defending her property. I ended up missing the date to be able to respond to the eviction because I had no way of getting there and I had no money to do it online, so I proceeded to to pack my stuff and get ready to move. As I was trying to move I ended up getting robbed and kidnapped and my van stolen and I lost most of my belongings and had to move to another city. I’m facing eviction again because in this mobile home that I’m living in now I’ve rented it at that $400 a month thinking that I could take care of it on my own when my electric bill was $263 for the second month the lady has changed the least three times and I’m living in the worst conditions I’ve ever lived in in my life and still can’t afford to pay the rent. I was on disability for 20 years when my husband died in 2019 and I found that you can’t live on disability so I had you know went in with a roommate and because of covid and everything that was going on there I ended up losing my roommate because she ended up going back to live with her kids and in Alabama, which I don’t blame her—I mean she was on disability as well—but it left me in a bad position and I feel like I’ve had no no means and I’ve applied so many times or trying to apply for section 8 or reduced income housing and I’m just not having any luck and you know I’m a 57-year-old widow at this point on disability so there’s just not a lot here and there’s none of them I mean the very same houses that were running for $450 on the street that I lived on for 20 years or now running for $950, so it’s just not a very easy life.