Metropolis, IL
June 30th, 2020|

I receive SSI assistance. In the month of December, I was charged an additional $42.00 for electricity. I lived in subsidized housing. I was unable to pay this expense along with my rent. I offered to pay the difference at the beginning of the year. I’d been there for a year with no issues. I had never been late, missed, or deferred a payment of any kind on my rental agreement. I was not paid until January 19th, which happened to be the day before my birthday. My birthday came, and having been without a dime to my name for over a month, I was extremely excited to receive my check. Soon as it was deposited into my account, I attempted to pay my rent and the overage from the month before.

I was told I couldn’t pay January rent or the overages unless I paid it all in one lump at one time. By now February rent was becoming due. I was told that I couldn’t pay February rent unless I paid the overage, plus January’s rent, plus the late fees which at that point were accruing $1 per day. Well of course I continued to try to work on my rent payments, which by now had surpassed 2 months rent plus penalty, while always being reminded that I was expected to pay that all at the same time, in one lump. There was no room for arrangements or anything.

It was at this time, my Mother suddenly died and I’d found my stepdad had been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. I began to receive eviction notices from the office for non-payment of rent. By the beginning of March, I was being served papers to my front door by the Sheriff deputies. Once again I attempted to pay my rent and was faced with the same scenario. I was eventually threatened and forced out in May during the COVID eviction moratorium. I have lost my Mother (Feb 29th) and my stepdad (Mar 26) as well as my home and my things; clothes, electronics, etc. I have become homeless. There is no words to describe my emotional outlook. I am considered a housing risk because I have been evicted. My physical disabilities have suffered and been impacted as well.