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Stories From Our Community
Read eviction stories shared by visitors to this site. If you’ve ever faced eviction, click below to add your own story.
  • Michelle R.

    After 10 years of renting our home in San Pedro, CA, there came a new buyer to live in the front house while we stood in our back house. Well it was a nightmare since he came to live in the house. We never expected someone could be so ignorant and cruel. He had a drinking problem, which ended up with me getting a restraining order on him. Out of retaliation he evicted us. We had no attorney, but we had our facts in line to go to trial. (more…)

  • Carrie

    My husband and I have been separated but living together with our two teen boys, ages 14 and 16, so our kids don’t have to struggle. Well, my husband lost his job and we fell behind on our rent. He found a job a few months later, and we needed an agreement with our landlord that we would pay every two weeks until we were paid up. We sent our landlord over a thousand dollars, and not long after that he reneged on his agreement. In December 2022, I tried to commit suicide because of the stress of what my landlord was putting us through. I was hospitalized for a week in a mental institution. When I left the mental institution on December 17, we had been evicted from our home. Thrown out on the street within 20 minutes. My landlord knew where I was, but told the judge that he had no clue why I did not show up for court.


  • Monica Delancy

    I am the founder of the non profit We Thrive on Riverside Renters Association. We are 100 percent volunteer-run for 16 years in Cobb County, Georgia. As I am a renters advocate, in 2018 I was asked by residents to help them with maintenance issues they were having with their property. In 2019, the residents won counter claims against the property. I was asked to help negotiate the $86,000 fees that they were required to pay, and the fees were waived when they agreed to donate $10,000 to a non profit. The property was sold, and the new owners took over. In 2019, they requested my assistance to help with resident relations and agreed to repair the property. I moved on the property, and my organization had access to the community room. I organized resident meetings, workshops and activities for the residents. The Oprah Winfrey foundation awarded my non profit a grant because of my work in the community.


  • Patty L.

    I have rented this one bedroom since May of 2020. I was able to “port” my section 8 rental choice voucher from another city in Wisconsin. First, I was threatened by the Richland County Housing Authority (who runs the section 8 program) of paying an almost 3 thousand dollar overpayment because of not reporting wages when I had worked full-time in the other city. They called it “fraud”. I contacted Legal Action of Wisconsin and was given a lawyer who really didn’t care or help me, so I started on my own. (more…)

  • Cecilia

    I live in subsidized housing, after being homeless for 8 years. My 2 teenagers and I moved in on 3/11/2020. In October, my daughter turned 18, and my son moved out. My child support and welfare cash aid stopped too. We were in a 3 bedroom. Since my son left, my daughter and I needed to go to a 2 bedroom. We moved in December 2022. I am looking for work and so is my daughter. (more…)

  • Jerry VF

    I’m being evicted because of something that is out of my control, and have asked many for help. My landlord says I’m a liar. On May 3rd, my car breaks down and it’s towed to a mechanic, A Plus Automotive. Within a few days repair shop spoke with my warranty company and they agreed on the work of replacing the transmission with a used transmission that the warranty company will send. Took almost a month and a half to fix the first time. I get vehicle back and 5 days later it breaks down again. (more…)

  • Adrienne

    My name is Adrienne. I’m 25 years old with 2 children. A boy, 5 years old, and a girl, 12 months. My mother also resides with us, and she’s 54. I once had a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment located in Illinois that I got with my daughter’s father. Unfortunately her father couldn’t keep a job and was unable to help me with rent, bills and living expenses. He eventually left and everything fell on me. I worked long hours at a factory and as a Door Dash driver when I was off, but it was never enough to catch back up. (more…)

  • John J.

    My name is John and my wife is Stephanie. We rented out a farm, actually a part of the farm out in the pasture, with no electricity. It had goats, ducks, and pigs running all over the place and animal s*** everywhere. We turned this pasture into a beautiful piece of property with 3 different types of grapes, a country kitchen with a wood burning stove, open fire pits, and a small shooting gallery. Yes our landlord liked it too because they told us we had to move. They increased our rent by $300, made a sign, a new lease, and they were gonna put us on a new small concrete pad that was about 20′ wide and 20′ in length. That’s all we could have, and they were going to rent out what we’ve done to the pasture to other people so they can enjoy it. It was really a slap in the face. So now we are homeless and have been for the last year.

  • Nicole J.

    I am a single, disabled Black women being wrongfully evicted. I do not owe any back rent. However, my landlord has fabricated legal statements saying that I do even though I have proof to the contrary. My landlord created more fabricated information stating I broke the lease & the fuse box which of course is not true. And the landlords electrician confirmed the fuse box wasn’t broken in August. Additionally, the City of Hartford’s interior inspector concludes this, because she checked every socket in the apartment & they worked. So if the fuse box was broken the sockets would not have worked.


  • Krystelle B.

    In 2007 I rented a studio apartment downtown Vancouver. I had a job was in school and doing very well. I ended up getting in some minor trouble. I went to jail for two months and lost my job, and my family was paying my rent for me. I was all caught up accept for 100.00 that I paid as soon as I got home. The man still evicted me and stole from me after I paid him and we made an agreement through the courts. Sad but it happens all the time.

  • Dianne L.

    My landlord didn’t pay his mortgage and I am getting evicted. Me and my grandson who is disabled lives with me and I am disabled. We need help with deposit and first month rent. I was paying him 1500 a month. I put up with roommates from hell. I spent most time in court getting them out. It was bad.

  • Vivian C

    Todo comenzó el 22 de Enero a las 2:35 de la mañana, hiba llegando justo de trabajar y cuando estaba punto de entra a mi apartamento un afroamericano me puso una pistola en mi cabeza, me golpeo ,quebró una mano, una contusión cerebral y mucha ansiedad y temor, los de oficina de donde vivo al ver que me llevaban en ambulancia al hospital me dijeron que ellos hiban ayudarme, pero con lo que me ayudaron fue dandome una orden de desalojo por no haber podido pagar el 3 de Febrero, luego vino lo de la pandemia y perdí mi trabajo sin dinero ni comida y con 3 niños mucha desesperación tristeza buscando ayuda sin escuchar una respuesta positiva, (more…)

  • Bonnie G.

    It’s a sad State of mind when you are given a vacate notice,not because of not paying rent or property damage or being a bad tenant, no because the new owners suddenly decided to remodel after leaving me in horrible living situation of black & yellow mold & Asbestos they decided not to renew my lease because I spoke up about the way tenants was being treated. (more…)

  • Sherry S

    My name is Sherry Shelton, mother, grandmother and newly widowed wife of 43 years. My husband suffered 2 heart attacks, the first in December on Christmas Eve, the second soon after he was released from St Edwards Hospital with pneumonia that was not detected by the hospital. He was taken to Washington regional where they were able to put stints in and he seemed to be getting better when he started feeling weak and began to shake often. He passed away suddenly on April 19, 2022. (more…)

  • John J.


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