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Margaret P

July 1st, 2022|

I started writing my story and was called away before I finished. Now I can’t find it to fi ish it , so I will try again , only condense it more .On Nov. 6 2020 , we heard a noise outside our patio and looked out to see flames coming out of our upstairs neighbor’s apt. We immediately left the building. The building was destroyed in some areas but everyone had to move. We had a lot of water and mold damage.

I found an apt. 3 months after the fire. It was much smaller , less one bedroom , but 200 dollars more expensive. We had a lot of possessions , we were living in this complex for 17 years.

The new apartment closer to a main street. We had a lot of people in our apt. First due to my husband’s new diagnosis of diabetes in Dec. Hospitalization. He had visits from RN’s , Pt. And Ot. Therapy. My son was staying with us to help his dad with ADL, dressing and walking. By spring, my son was working full time and helping with bills. He met a man who befriended him and gave him a large tv and stereo. Before long this “friend “was staying over nights and not leaving. He called me “mom” and many people thought he was my son. He would leave a few days after we told him to leave, and then come back. He started inviting his family and friends over when he was there. The landlord did not like some of his friends looks, so he told me we can not have company over.

He had a handicapped slower young man living with his mom watching our apt. And reporting how many people came and went. I believe he had a video cameo running on the entrance of our apt. The landlord told me my son let the door open so some homeless people could go in the basement at night. He threatened to evict us because of this. It wasn’t my son, but my son’s friend. I told him he had to leave and stay away. He left for a couple of months but came to “visit” one day and stayed there all night again. The eviction moratorium ended in end of july. My husband was hospitalized with covid 19 pneumonia and emergency surgery on Aug. 29 2021. He was vaccinated. He was in ICU and in critical condition.

I asked a non-profit agency for help with the rent for sept. My husband’s unemployment had stopped. The agency approved my application and made appt. To see them on sept. 13. I asked her if I should pay the rent, she said, wait until I see you and we can help with rent and late payment. I texted my landlord and asked if this was a problem, let me know. I told him rent would be given to him by this agency on sept. 13.

He didn’t answer me. I heard from him on the 6th of the month and he told me I was being evicted for late rent. He refused the agency pay. I contacted legal aid and when we went to court we didn’t see a judge. The lawyers decided that an agreement to give me more time to move and not put the eviction on my record would be the best situation for me and the landlord. I agreed to move by dec. 3. My husband remained critical on respirator for a while but was getting some better. The landlord then would accept the agency rent and late payment. We were getting packed and a women came to our door and said we had to move by the next day. It was not. 29. The building was sold to a management property company with out our knowledge! We weren’t ready to move. I found out that I was to appear in court on Dec. 3 by internet search. So when I talked to judge I told him I was moving that day.
I rented a truck and storage space and booked a reservation at extended-stay hotel. I had been looking for an apt but could not find one we could afford. My son and me loaded truck with help of one other person.The person who kept staying at our place left early that morning and did not even return to get his things.

We had many complications related to moving. Truck too small, storage too small, etc. We still hadn’t gotten the extra things stored in basement. We had no where to put these things. We we43 cleaning the Apt. In order to get 925 deposit back. We were there 9 months. I cleaned the stove and refrigerator , all other rooms ,and took pic’s. It was 230 in morning when we finally had everything on truck. When we were cleaning, the handicapped mentally guy came up and just walked into our apt. And acted like he knew us and our cats. He left after a few min. When our deposit money was due, the new owners deducted for the 4 days. The fourth day was the 230 am day. They deducted for the dumpster being full and the hallway was dirty and a scratch in floor had to be fixed, even tho it was there before we moved in.We also paid a full months rent despite not moving in until the 6th .I can not find affordable housing. With just social. Security, it isn’t enough to live at the standard we had lived with when working. I have never been so poor. I stayed in the basement of my daughters landlord with my 2 cats. I looked everyday and called many places for some help. I applied for voucher or section 8. I never hears back. My husband was in hospital for 21/2 months and 31/2 months in nursing physical rehab faciliy. He was discharged on March 3 2022. He was still not walking and in wheel chair. He left by sudden force because he went outside in his wheelchair to smoke a cigarette. They said he violated the rules. Other residents were smoking out there in the same place. He had no home to go to.

We can’t afford hotels and /or extended stays. We stayed in car after our money was gone with bills and hotels. The basement was too small for both of us.

I was hospitalized Feb. And March for infection in leg. When I was next door to nursing home at wound care office, they decided he could go home then because I had a. Car there. They put his things in the car before I got out office after wound care of leg. I was shocked. The couldn’t even walk. They sent him home and took his wheel chair and had no diabetic medicine or referral at all. He was given 1 and a half days medicine. No Insulin. It is now June 11 2022 and I have gotten to the top of the senior list form apartment help in another county for section 8. The apt is pretty far away but that’s ok. I can’t wait to get a home again. It will be a few weeks or months. I hope to finally end this nightmare and have a Christmas tree in my home this year. I can’t believe I finally get an apt.!! I am so grateful.

I pray this is the end of my misfortune for almost 2 years.