Donya T.

Orange City, FL
November 24th, 2019|

I am 64-yo retired grandmother, evicted in Florida while raising 2-children “left behind.” Evictions stay on file 7 years and expungements are rare. From FEMA fraud to prevalent, property-owner protection by the family courts, a cruel and discriminatory system fuels the housing crisis among Central Florida’s impoverished seniors.

Even though payments are current (required to pay 1st, last AND security, 3x rent because of previous eviction where landlord refused to remove tree after hurricane, opening a flood of code violations—it was simpler to evict as retaliations are also protected by the court), racial attitudes of property owners are protected by an unjust court system, even with evidence of poor maintenance and escrow deposit. Volusia County for example, is notorious for allowing owners to make threats of eviction whenever and however often they take a notion. My landlord has several Notices of Violation and ready to evict. I pay 98% of my SS in rent and just a slip on a banana peel away from another eviction with no options.