Mountain Top, PA
April 24th, 2020|

I was renting a room from a man I met on Craigslist showed in search of a roommate. I was paying $700 a month to have one bedroom. I paid my rent on time every month in full. In March he told me his brother was moving in I had 48 hours to leave. I refused to leave and after 48 hours he tried to change the locks so I called the police. They told him he couldn’t do that and referred him to magistrate. He had owed me over $3000 by this point for bills I had in my name and property he stole from me, so I filed a countersuit on him.

The covid stay-at-home happened and our court date was postponed, as was the eviction until I went out on the same day our court date was supposed to be. As I was returning home my girlfriend at the time told me our landlord handed a phone to her, and the person stated he was a police officer and we were evicted and had 2 hours to get out. I did not ever get a chance to get any of my property out.

I went back three days later and he said he threw all my things away—everything I owned: clothes, medications, paperwork, tv, laptop. All I own is the clothes I have been wearing. This happened on March 20 and since then I have been homeless. Most nights I’ve slept on the ground and shivered. I am able to afford a cheap hotel room here and there but I eat what I can find and sleep when I can. I have nothing now and the landlord didn’t pay a single bill—I have pictures of them all showing he didn’t pay. He just lived off our money and threw us and everything we owned out with the garbage. I’ve filed complaint with attorney general and got nothing. Everywhere I go I mostly get, “don’t know what to tell you, sorry.”