Martinsville, IL
April 24th, 2020|

Hi my name is Christy and I lived in Martinsville, Illinois. On March 21, 5 minutes before noon, they came and threw us out like animals at a time when I was recovering from being sick. And the cop that came to my door said he don’t care what the governor said. He goes by what the judge said—that we have to get out of our house. We asked our landlord if we could do work for him, and he wouldn’t do anything to work with us. They grabbed my cat by the neck and threw them out the door, hurting them, and that cop stood there laughing and saying “that the way it’s done.”

I begged them please don’t hurt my animals. We are homeless and can’t get help. We are out of money and can’t stay anymore in the motel room. We lived in that house 10 years. Please help.