Denise Killian

Seattle, WA
April 1st, 2016|

I moved into an apartment in December of 2012. It was in an area known for violence and drug trafficking, but I wasn’t able to afford something in a safer neighborhood. I got a job repairing and cleaning up the apartment complex, and was heavily involved with property management, including block watch.  Unfortunately, drug trafficking and vandalism worsened on the property. This worried me as I am a disabled individual with P.T.S.D. and have been the victim of assault and domestic violence. 

One day someone from the complex I lived in broke into my apartment. I called the police, but the search was inconclusive. Not long after the break in, I was told to surrender my keys to another tenant to whom the maintenance job was given. I was given 8 days to move out, without any explanation for my termination or my eviction.

I felt so vulnerable, unsafe, and afraid that I finished by having a heart attack and an emotional breakdown. I tried to take my landlord to court, but I couldn’t afford my own lawyer, so I lost the case. After three years of being a good tenant and a hardworking and reliable employee I was homeless and stuck.

Thankfully, I found the Northwest Justice Project and they gave me the support I needed to get off the streets. They helped insure that my subsidized housing was reinstated, and even helped me find an apartment that would accept me in spite of my eviction history. I am extremely thankful for them and for my cat, Violet, who helped me get through my wars on the streets when I was homeless after eviction. With legal support and a little love, I feel I can face the challenges ahead.