May 5th, 2016|

I am Nikki, a 38 year old female from Greensboro, GA. I am divorced, single mother to a very beautiful, very intelligent 15 year old daughter and a Corrections Officer and 911 Dispatcher. In 2005, I was standing alone in a parking lot and was hit by a passer-by in a truck which knocked me 9 feet into the air and I then landed on my head. Not only did I have 32 staples in my head, but I was forced to learn to walk again. In my search for wellness, I was prescribed nerve pills, pain pill, and sleeping pills just to make it through a day that would seem normal to someone else. 

I was married to a wonderful man for 13 years but after my addiction to those medications took hold of my very being, my marriage fell apart and I was completely dependent on the drugs for relief. The drugs became a coping mechanism that I used to deal with my emotions, stressful situations, and everyday life in general. I started taking more and more drugs just to be able to function. I became a very angry, mean, lazy, emotionless, down-right terrible person to be around. I alienated myself from everyone, including my husband who had become so fed up that he sought divorce.

Around the same time, my mother passed away and the drug use became so intense that I nearly lost my life. In the process, I lost everything: my amazing job, friends, family, and the respect of my daughter. I had to send my precious daughter to live with her dad for a month when I couldn’t pay the electric or water bill. I didn’t care that I was 3 months behind in my rent because life was a shambles and I was to blame and medication was my new normal. I was eventually evicted from my home because I chose drugs over everything that I held dear. The most embarrassing moment came when I had no choice but to move in with my ex-husband. I am now in recovery and beginning a new life with the second chance God has given me at Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women. It is nothing but the Lord that brought me into that safe haven. I should not be alive. My self-worth and my life is being restored daily thanks to the beautiful men and women who are teaching me and showing me what true restoration looks like. I was evicted because I was selfish. I chose drugs over responsibility. I thank God daily for everything He has done for me and what He continues to do, especially in my relationship with my daughter!