Bradenton , FL
June 26th, 2020|

Ok want to start out by saying this eviction occurred during the pandemic. I went to visit my son who lives in Fort Myers which is about 90 miles one way from Bradenton. So that left only my daughter who is 18 yrs old at home. While I was visiting my son, I became ill and was admitted in the hospital. My daughter’s boyfriend had been going by checking on her until he found out I wasn’t coming home any time soon. He started staying there. I had gotten a call from my landlord saying she needed me to pay rent early. That was on March 29th and rent was paid on March 31. The very next day my daughter gets a 7 day eviction notice. It stated that I abandoned the property and I was subletting, and I owed like 6 months in late fees. I was told after the 15th rent was considered late and a fifty dollar late fee was added on. There were months I did pay after the 15th and I did pay the fifty dollar late fee. I had been renting from this person for six years. I could not believe that she would do this to us, and through the time period that we were on lockdown, with everyone not working and we were told evictions were put on hold for 45 days. Well we was served with legal eviction. How can this be happening when no one is able to work or even be out. This has destroyed my faith in human compassion and empathy for one another, by the way this is a Christian community.