UPDATE:  New federal eviction moratorium in effect until 12/31/20.  Get the latest news and understand your rights.


Houston , TX
July 13th, 2020|

Here is my story. My landlord is a slum lord. He is always on time for the rent, he will cough, sneeze, clear his throat to let me know he is out side my door. He don’t want money orders, he want cash, from the time I moved in he was supposed to fix the dishwasher from holding water and stinking, the kitchen cabinets from water log damage, the washer and dryer connection. When you turn on the water to wash it leaks on the floor in the wash room and in the dining room.

It’s going to be a year now and these things haven’t been taken care of. I have until the 3rd day to each month to pay rent, and if i go over the 3rd day I will pay late charges. They gave me a parking apartments tag that expired in 2 months, so they had my car towed. I took money out the rent to get my car back, and my late charges came up to $1000 plus the rent. I paid him that but yet he is still not satisfied.

The doctor put me home sick because of my blood pressure, my check is low from missing days from work in the warehouse. I tried talking to him and he said to give him half the rent, but when I do he said he wanted all. Now here he come telling me he is evicting me for non payment of rent. I told him the freeze on evictions because of the pandemic, and he said it has nothing to do with his rent… What should I do?