UPDATE:  Federal eviction moratorium has been extended until 3/31/21.  Get the latest news and understand your rights.


Braham, MN
December 31st, 2020|

I was given a notice to vacate in October 2020. My landlord is selling the 5-bedroom home we have been renting since October 2017. He told me and my six children that we could rent from him indefinitely, so I never really worried about a future housing obstacle.

The notice to vacate that I was given to sign states “destruction to property.” I imagine that this was added only so it would comply with reasoning behind filing an eviction. Under Minnesota’s current circumstances regarding the pandemic, “destruction to property” is not included. We have nowhere to go.

How will my landlord prove to the judge that there is destruction? Living here for four years, we have had the carpets cleaned twice per year and have the receipts to prove it. We’ve applied fresh paint and cleaned the cabinets, plus added a new carpet, bathroom sink, and vanity, all well maintained and cared for. There is no major damage whatsoever. Do I ask for the City to inspect my rental home prior to the eviction hearing? I even put a patio in outside this past summer, and I have flowers that grow. How can my landlord be so heartless?