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Fairbanks, AK
January 8th, 2021|

I saw the Eviction Lab had no data for evictions in Alaska, so I’d like to share my story with you. It all started with deed fraud. Some guy got a quitclaim deed for my house, and he served me with a forcible entry and detainer. I went to court and tried to address the actual facts of the situation, and the judge absolutely ignored everything I was saying. 

The judge gave him a writ of possession and assistance, and only named me in the judgement. I challenged the subject matter jurisdiction, and this is a snippet of the instructions in it: “Pursuant to Melo v. US, this Court must, once jurisdiction has been challenged, as it now has been, halt all further proceedings and stay all Orders/Writs that this Court has issued. Further, this Court shall issue an Order to the Plaintiff to prove jurisdiction on the Record of this case and rebut the above Affidavit, point by point, within 10 days of the filing of this Challenge of Jurisdiction.” 

Well on the 30th, it had been 8 days with no response from the other party, and he showed up here with a cop. I raised the issue of my boyfriend not being named in the judgement (because that’s the law; all parties must be named), and the cop told me that if we both didn’t leave he was going to have us arrested for trespassing. So we had to leave. I ended up having to get rid of our dogs that we had raised since they were born. If I came back to my house to get more of my stuff, that would be illegally trespassing in their eyes. There was a notice to quit dated for the day after the cop made us leave. And that’s where we’re at now.

Notary acknowledgements on the notice of Default and rescission of sale are predated before the assignments were created. Also, the person signing the substitute trustee and the person taking my house claiming that he got it at an auction is the same person. And as for the address added for the person the guy was supposed to be getting the house from – it’s the guy’s attorney’s law firm.