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Bessie T.

Bloomington, IN
June 26th, 2021|

My husband, our 3 children and I were moving into our 3 bedroom ranch style home. You could tell in our faces that we were happy the Lord blessed us so much! We lived there for 20 years. My 3 children adults now with families of their own. My grandchildren born and lived in that house until the oldest of my grandchildren turned 9. Our landlord sold the house in october 2019. We had 3 days to be out.

My oldest son and his 3 children were living with his girlfriend and her 2 children in a small mobile home. They told us we could come stay until we found a place. But the office had found out that we was there and our son had to ask us to leave. So we packed up our family and what we couldn’t stand to leave back at the old ranch home on Indian Creek and at that moment I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe we were in this bad of shape how’d we get here and how are we gonna get out!?!

My cousin ended up calling me and said that she had just moved out of her apartment and that she would call her old landlord to see if he could help us out. She called me back and said get your stuff and head to the apartment. We moved in that night. I could breathe again RELIEF! After a few days there were shootings at that moment I was ready to leave. I was scared for my 2 small children that my husband and I adopted bc we had no one there to watch out for us bc my husband and I separated. He did give us $100 a week for each child and $70 for spousal support.

The pandemic started and it seems not going away for a long while. My ex got laid off from a job he had for 22 years and was unable to receive unemployment bc his boss put he voluntarily took early lay off. Our utilities got shut off we got our gas and electric turned back on with help from friends and sccap office. Our water still remains unpaid after my landlord said he’d kick us out if I didn’t pay the $696.20 to take the lien off my apartment for my water being shut off. Even after I paid it I’m now threatened with if your water is not turned on “you have to move” money really makes peoples heart forget all about compassion and our mind only thinking of ourselves. I pray for them people. Because they will realize one-day that the only thing that kept this world turning was The Lord not money and sure as the grave we’ll all lay in one day not us! We’re all human we all need help in hard times like this. I pray for all of us.