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Chasity D.

Tooele, UT
July 26th, 2021|

In Utah, Landlords are getting away with practically murder especially in Northern Utah. I learned recently Utah is considered , Utah Landlord friendly and boy is it. My kids and i were literally sabotaged by a landlord in a Government Subsidized apt property.

I was 22 days late with rent cuz my PUA check was delayed. Landlord files eviction; I won in court. 9 days later I finally get my pua check, immediately tried catching up with rent but landlord refused my money, turned around on same day and filed another eviction for $ 745.64, filed under non payment of rent? Really Utah! Not even a full month late.

However this landlord named sabotaged me, slandered my name in our small town, so i couldn’t rent anywhere. Got eviction judgement now and 2 days before we had to be out my son caught covid along with my daughter and yes we were vaccinated but I begged the opposing attorney, I begged him to allow me to PAY FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS SO WE COULD QUARANTINE WITH DR STATEMENT AND OUR POSITIVE COVID TEST AND THE OFFER TO PLZ PAY.

He said it wasn’t a good enough reason to remain in apt so while sick with covid my kids and i were physically removed from our apt of 5 yrs, thrown out in the streets nowhere to go. Sabotaged so i cant rent any where, no case workers, no church will help us and we lost everything we owned cuz no one would help us move while sick with covid.

Does this sound fair everyone? I have proof of everything and not one time did i have a chance to defend myself. Nope, we are homeless, no place to go, sick with covid and Utah doesnt care about the public or practicing safe measures to make sure no spread of covid. I feel like I’m in hell. Next time just send the firing squad to end my torture punishment for being 22 days late with rent. We lost everything we owned, sleeping in my Nissan versa in a field—hot thirsty hungry dirty need a bathroom, ruined my and my kids lives for 22 days late with rent. But you can commit sodomy on a child younger than 12 years old and just get fine pay your fine in court and walk right out of the courtroom here in Utah, and that’s a lesser sentence. If you were to be late with rent you’re late with rent they can totally ruin your lives, throw you out to the wolves, and don’t even care if you’re sick with covid. I can’t believe this is happening makes me sick.