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Roxann H.

keller, TX
July 26th, 2021|

I worked from home as a piano teacher and my husband suddenly decided he wouldn’t let me teach there any more. He had a prenup and the court literally told me that at age 51, I have to start over with literally NO MONEY, NO WHERE TO LIVE, and NO CAR because EVERYTHING was in my husband’s name and his name ONLY.

All I got was 9 months of spousal support of which My ex DIDN’T pay and the court cannot or will not enforce that. I got royally screwed and ended up sleeping in a car that was borrowed from my brother and showering in a city gym shower for 10.00 per month.

All of my belongings are still at my ex’s house including all possible work clothes that I could use to get a better job. My cheap lawyer didn’t file the correct forms and when I called the police to enforce the removal of my things, the police said that they couldn’t help because the documents weren’t “OFFICIAL ENOUGH”.

My husband continues to hire prostitutes that are very possibly underaged and they go in and out of the house at night while my sons are upstairs studying remotely for high school and college. The court says they can’t enforce anything because my sons have just barely turned 18 years old.

This is what happens when you sign a prenuptual agreement. Don’t do it. The courts don’t care about you. I have been beaten up in the past and the courts don’t care about that either because it was longer than three months ago. The lawyers have taken 10K and I still don’t have any of my belongings with no end in sight.