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Amy M.

New castle, IN
September 24th, 2021|

I am the sole caregiver of my mother who has dementia osteoporosis and mental issues and my aunt who has severe mental issues as well. We were living in a very small two-bedroom apartment I moved them in with my husband and I because of my mother having dementia and their medical issues so I was able to keep a closer eye on them. I took the first rental that I could find because I had applied for multiple places and this was the only place that was available right then. We moved in the landlord did not let us know that we were having to pay to heat the whole apartment complexes hot water. Our apartment is the only apartment with the hot water, and the only reason that we have gas is to heat the hot water.

My husband and I were having issues. We did get into a dispute, the police were called, it was handled and it never happened again. Everything had been fine for some time after that and then the neighbor told my landlord that the police had been called and that we had been arguing again and the police had showed up that night two times and they had not. It was not true, there was no arguing going on, my husband wasn’t even home. I was at work and my mother and I were in bed.

The landlord called me a liar and told me that he did not believe me but yet he refused to call to verify at the police department that they never were at my house. I rented to own a washer and dryer and when the Rent-A-Center came to hook it up it caught fire the landlord did nothing about it so my husband rewired it. Then the stove caught fire and the landlord bought a new stove made me dispose of it and did nothing to fix their wiring yet again. The outlet in the living room is throwing sparks I have asked him repeatedly to come and check on it and to fix it and he will not.

I feel our apartment is unsafe and I am scared to death that it could catch fire at any given time. I desperately want to get my family out of there—we are not safe. I think he gets angry when I ask him to come and fix things and offended. The water had gotten shut off because the bill was $331 and we didn’t realize and I I had the money to pay it I just for I didn’t get it paid on time so shut off for the weekend and my landlord called me and told me that he really hope that it was handled by Monday because then the neighbors were threatening to shoot us up me and my family and he laughed about it like it was a joke.

The other morning I woke up and had a message from him saying that we need to talk about respect he said that I needed to stop having people park in my neighbor’s parking space. I informed him that no one had been parking in his space from my apartment or anyone that I knew. Once again he called me a liar. When I first moved in the landlord was having to pay someone $120 a month to keep the yard mowed I volunteered to mow the yard so that he didn’t have to do that and so that it was done correctly. I also informed him that there were two grown men in the building that watched me of the yard and yet he wouldn’t mow it himself either and that no one had offered to pay the gas that I had provided the gas money and mowed the yard. I informed him that the neighbors did not pick up their dog poop I was having to step in it and run over it with my mower and he did nothing about it he said that it would be funny if somehow I accidentally got shot in the foot.

The other day I woke up and there was a note hanging on my door from my landlord stating that I had 10 days to get out. I have never been late on rent I have done everything within my power to fix up the apartment that I am living in it’s not even finished being remodeled the place is unsafe is infested with cockroaches I paid a spray our apartment however the other two apartments did not therefore it did no good. Like I had told you my mother has dementia a whole lot of medical issues a whole lot of mental issues I am struggling to take care of them I had to quit my job at anchor behavioral to care for them.

I am working with live stream they are going to pay me to take care of my mother and Aunt instead of working outside of the home because they need me there. I am a recovering addict I haven’t cleaned for 2 years I am struggling to get by as it is without the harassment of my neighbors and my landlord. The neighbors downstairs sell drugs and have traffic in and out all hours of the night I do not feel safe where we live anymore I want out of there. However that’s going to be impossible to do in 10 days it’s not a court order it was a handwritten letter from him. Thank you so much for getting back with me as quickly as you did and thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. I would greatly appreciate any advice or direction that you could give me to get my family safely out of this apartment. I have looked endlessly for another house or apartment to rent and yet I get no response. Due to the pandemic there are not very many rentals available at this time.