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Mercedes W.

Atlanta, GA
September 24th, 2021|

Hi my name is Mercedes. I am 24 yrs old, from Atlanta GA. I have 5 brothers and 6 siblings I am the oldest of 11 children. My mom is a single mother without any help from the children’s father. She’s been raising us and taking care us all by herself. I have been homeless for about 5 months, staying an abandoned houses or going to friends houses to stay at times. It is very hard trying to make it out here without any support.

My siblings, mother and I are currently staying at my cousin’s old house. She did not pay the bills. We was paying her $300 every week ,also giving her $500 foodstamps. She let the electric bill and water get turned off. I don’t know why but everything is just messed up we was doing so well at first months ago but everything went downhill.

We are in the home without lights, no water, it’s very stressful and depressing trying to make ends meets with little children and siblings. We have to barbeque on the grill everyday or buy fast foods to eat since there is no power. It’s very hot and uncomfortable in our home without any AC or anything.

My family and I usually don’t ask anyone for anything but we really need a headstart a little help will be gladly appreciative of you can find it an you all hearts to donate a few dollars whatever it is we will be grateful for. Thanks from our Family!