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Miguel C.

Fresno , CA
September 24th, 2021|

My Name is Miguel; I have been struggling with an illness my whole entire life. I’m 32 years old with a 16year old daughter. I’m strongly believe I’m a victim of an eviction. Due to my medical condition after receiving a kidney transplant November 24, 2019 April 2020 I started with having problems & became very ill to the point that I was fainting.

From weighing 200 pounds I went into the ER in UC Davis Sacramento Hospital weighing 89 pounds. I was not able to keep NOTHING down. I’m so malnourished that I was no longer able to work to provide for my family. I was hospitalized in 2 occasions between March & June 63 days.

I got behind on my rent. I let my landlord know of my situation & he demanded me to pay or quit. I said I have no where to go. This was prior to my hospitalization. I have record of each & every one of my conversations with my landlord when I was hospitalized & then my phone got disconnected my mother connected my phone again but I was so exhausted I just wanted to get better. & then I find out in my last hospitalizations in June that I had an eviction notion to vacate 6/22 & my mother bless her heart went & emptied my home & stored all my things.

I was left out with no home to come to when I was released from the hospital my mother rented a hotel room for 7 days @ the best western then I applied for emergency homeless program & was given 16 day vouchers for a hotel & I’m left out going from home to home between my mom & dad. I have been diagnosed with encapsulated peritoneal sclerosis & Gastroparesis a desease that is not reversible.

I’m hospitalized at this time with complications. I have a bowel obstruction who know how long I’ll be here. I’m ready to just be released to a rest home or convalescent hospital so I’m able to rest gain my strength back & get myself on my feet & get @ least 50% of my normal life back. I want to thank you for this opportunity to let me vent & let you know that there is landlords that don’t care of the human being.

Like in my case. I lived in that home for almost 8 years with my family. My family is so broken because of this. Never had a problem paying my rent even with my disability I’ve always maintained a steady job for a long period of time. There is gaps in my work history, because of my illness & hospitalizations. But other than that I don’t think I was treated fairly & the treatment that I received was unfair. I had NO time to find a place in my condition. With my little income I can’t afford a place. Mom & brother are willing to help out & pitch in for my rent so I can live in a studio. But who knows when that will happen. There is a high demand for housing in Fresno Ca. & with my eviction on my record will not make it any easier. Thank you again for taking your time & reading my eviction story. I’m sure I’m NOT the only one out there struggling.