UPDATE:  The CDC eviction moratorium has ended.  Read The Eviction Lab's FAQ to learn more.

Richard M

Biloxi, MS
September 24th, 2021|

I lost my job when the pandemic was in full swing and was on unemployment(thank God). Then on 08/07/2021 my PEU stopped all my income, then on the day the Supreme Court ruled against the extension of the rent moratorium My Landlord came to my door with an eviction signed by a Mississippi Judge! She brought a great big man who about put a hole in my door at 8am to remove me!
When I opened the door he made a hand gesture and told me it was time for me to leave! And I had 5 minutes to do it! I managed to grab my medicine (unfortunately forgot my anti depressants). Anyway after this intimidation and me left with only things I could hold in my arms, my mother and I went to the court house to see what rights I had.

We’re just like every other state in the US. The constitution is getting stomped on here also. I was told they mailed me an uncertified letter to come to court (the previous Friday which just so happens to be the day the Federal Judges voted to evict me) Anyway I never got a letter to go to court otherwise I’d have been there.

So I had already been approved by the Rental assistance program for my rent to be paid, however my Landlord wanted to increase the rent from $712 a month to $1200 so she didn’t care to be paid by the government, (this is a huge apartment complex on Beach Blvd in Mississippi). Anyway she told the people from the coalition that there were underlying conditions not just rent. Now I am a 34 year old male, lived alone and my neighbors told me they had no idea anyone even lived in my apt. And I’ve never had any kind of a confrontation with the LL (except her being upset that she couldn’t scare me away as I noticed she did several others) when I was waiting for my mom I noticed 4 Serve Pro trucks on my row of apartments so I’m guessing quite a few people met their fate that day.

My parents live in their 5th wheel so I’m now living in my car in a city that doesn’t really have a huge homeless population! I just pray at night they don’t come take me to jail next for trespassing I don’t own any land to park my car on. So I’m looking for work but I do have a record with 2 misdemeanors from several years back that were unfortunately for theft so finding a job isn’t easy for me! I’ve out grown my need to steal but my public record is damaged! I’m not sure where to go from here but I’ve read for hours trying to find help! Thanks for letting me talk! I needed to get some of this off my chest! Hopeless in Biloxi!