UPDATE:  The CDC eviction moratorium has ended.  Read The Eviction Lab's FAQ to learn more.


McMinnville, OR
October 13th, 2021|

I’m being evicted because the owner doesn’t like my company. She is saying they look like druggies. Some of them are in recovery,as I am too. Then she says that I lied to her husband, I was not the only one that lied, then she said that I put a sofa outside of my building for days which I did not I put it out there for two hours while I was waiting for the furniture store to pick up the furniture I had got from them. Then she said she just didn’t want to rent to me anymore. She gave me a 90 day eviction. I have never been late with my rent ever. I ask her why she was picking me out of the apartment complex, that there were others that were doing far more than I was and she said she was going to get a few more. I was just going first.