UPDATE:  The CDC eviction moratorium has ended.  Read The Eviction Lab's FAQ to learn more.

Bonnie G.

Port Orchard, WA
August 28th, 2022|

It’s a sad State of mind when you are given a vacate notice,not because of not paying rent or property damage or being a bad tenant, no because the new owners suddenly decided to remodel after leaving me in horrible living situation of black & yellow mold & Asbestos they decided not to renew my lease because I spoke up about the way tenants was being treated.

I didn’t know my rights as a tenant and didn’t know what else to do but to become homeless, as landlord forced me out everyday harrassing me to leave, she has unannounced entered my home and has tried to charge me for damage I have not done, her remodel crew has and during the remodel they use my power and water and I pay the bill, the Landlord has told people that the reason she got rid of me is because she was getting rid of section 8 folks because I told about the repairs needing done. She has stolen property from me harmed me and left me with out a home, I have been treated poorly from society for being homeless and I have very little income and the resources I’ve looked into like legal aid has turned out to be no help, I’m scared alone and no real solutions in site, people are being forced to move away from anything they know as home and as far as learning to budget your money goes ,your living situation becomes way different trying to figure out where your staying at day to day, trying to keep food cold or not having it stolen from you, the daily cost of campgrounds because you can’t just park somewhere and the use of a bathroom to use to feel human would be great.

How does one save or get ahead when it’s all been taken in a flash and nobody seems to care, my mail and important documents have been sent back it’s hard to get my mail from post office or to receive mail due to cost of gas and unable to work due to medical reasons and waiting on surgeries and as a Landlord they are getting away with treating people badly AND THEY SAY ITS ALL BECAUSE OF COVID-19,I say it’s all sick and may I rise above and find peace again for I strive everyday to be a good citizen and due the right thing to being treated like trash,i will pray for the homeless and ask for the greedy to find compassion in this selfish world ! Thank you to all that try and help another get off streets !