David Chin

Stockton, CA
April 28th, 2016|

I have been evicted twice, almost a third time. I split from my fiancee and found a place so I could stay and my daughter could be at. It was an apartment made on the side of a garage. One bedroom ( I used for storage as I could not afford one). We slept in the main room together. The electric kept cutting out and we could not use an AC window unit because it would blow out the fuses. The shower would back up and the toilet would not flush. I made issue of this and even had the county inspect. They cited him but he did just the minimum and found that he could get grandfathered in for the rest. So he could evict me for causing him problems. (Later he could not rent it anyway as the unit was not sealed from fumes from the garage side.) 

The second place I found thru the fair housing ctr. and it seemed okay, the landlord was a board member. But it became infested with bugs and scared my daughter he said he wanted me out. It was so bad that the fair housing authority asked him to leave the board. During these times I had lost jobs.

Unlike the women, I had not a lot of help. I was literally told if I was female I would get more help. Larger food stamps, AFDC and state and county cash. But as a single dad I would be limited. It was always balancing food from utilities and rent. My current place I almost lost due to losing a job and EDD not paying benefits for months of delays. It has taken me over a year to catch up. I still am just a major car problem or sickness or especially a lost job away from this again living month to month. All was done for my daughter as I could live in anywhere in just a room.