St Paul, MN
October 25th, 2017|

In November of 2013 shortly before Thanksgiving, I came home to find an unlawful detainer had been served against me by my landlord’s management company for 3 months of unpaid rent. I immediately searched for my receipts, and found all but one. I did, however, find my receipt for sending it by certified mail. They did not apologize, but made copies of my receipts, and said they would contact me.

Court was in a week. When nearly a week passed with no call, I called them. I expressed my concern about not being contacted. Late in the evening of the day before the scheduled hearing, I discovered a voicemail telling me the hearing would still take place. I took off work and showed up early and registered.

When the judge called me, I went forward. Surprised to see me, the attorney asked the judge to meet with me first. I showed my receipts to the attorney. Upset, the attorney called the management company asking why we were there. When he got off the phone, we went back to the courtroom. When called again, he asked for a continuance, which was granted!

But long story short, although I proved I paid and sent the rent, they were still allowed to evict me for the inability to pay all the court costs! So despite the building owner calling and writing a letter on my behalf to stop the eviction, and calls from the mayor’s office to the management company, the judge denied my appeal, allowing the eviction to take place a week before Christmas. Displacing me and my family. Homeless, a judge denied my request to waive the fee to file for an expungement. And with an eviction now on my record, I am at high risk for continued displacement. As rental history, credit scores, and income verification nowadays most often are required.