Austell, GA
December 27th, 2017|

I am a single mother of 2 children and I have a college degree. Due to the fact that both of my children are disabled (my son has a learning disability and my daughter has severe asthma), I am not employed full time. I work part time as a parent resource specialist. I am currently residing in an apartment that is more than 40 percent of my income. I pay rent late every month because I get paid once a month. 

Even if I do find a cheaper apartment the cost of moving is expensive, and will be a hardship. The apartment complex has threatened to terminate my lease because I continue to be late on my rent. I reside in a town that is 55 percent a rental community and 90 percent of the schools in the district are Title 1. Families can’t afford to pay for lunch for their kids or rent. I organize community meetings to address issues pertaining to residents who are renters. I attend city council meetings, townhall, board of education meetings addressing these concerns and issues. I pray that I can remain in apartment until m daughter graduates from high school. I will continue to advocate for working families