March 24th, 2019|

Thank you for your research, book and ongoing efforts to champion the cause of affordable housing, in what is touted as the richest country in the world. I am inspired by the strength and perseverance of people everywhere who are facing eviction.

My story took place a decade ago when the world as a very different place, but it still had a lasting mental effects as I, (after 32 years of homeownership) fear any event that could cause me to lose my home.

In 1984 I was the single mother of a two-year-old, living on the south-side of Chicago. Rent took most of my income, but I was fortunate to find work that allowed me to bring my toddler along. The initial rental agreement included water, heat and cooking gas. In January all the tenants received notice that the landlord would no longer supply gas. After inquiring with the gas company it was clear that I’d have to move – but where in the dead of winter?

Over the next 4 years, we stayed with friends, moved multiple times through no fault of mine, until I swallowed my pride and begged my parents to help me purchase my home.
I share this story because of the mental trauma of being temporarily without an address. I can only imagine the horror of an actual eviction. Again I, and countless others thank you. May The Lord continue to Bless and strengthen you for the mighty work ahead…SMILE!!!