Lindsay V

cincinnati, OH
March 24th, 2019|

My son and I are facing eviction right now. I have court on the 18th of this month. I’ve been here 4 years now, but I lost my job due to daycare issues.

I was working at a warehouse. I was there about 3 months and I kept picking my son up late from daycare and at that daycare it is a dollar a minute every minute you are late. Well, I requested to leave several times early because I can’t afford a dollar a minute—after all, it was a warehouse I was working at.

I get no help whatsoever except the 196 dollars in food stamps for my baby; he is 2 yrs old. I’ve been living here 4 years and I’ve always paid my rent. I have filled out so many applications for jobs and nothing yet. I call these jobs back and they always make some type of excuse.

I know I am not the perfect person here. I’ve made mistakes in my past and I’ve paid for those mistakes. I am only trying to give my son the life he deserves, on my own of course. His father hasn’t seen him but 3 times since he was born, and won’t pay child support or anything.

My mother was by my side for everything but she passed of cancer, so now it’s just me and my son. I work my hardest to get him everything he needs and soon he will be asking for things I am not able to give him. I will continue to try my best to give him things he wants, but I will explain to him that things we need are more important than little things he wants, but we will make it through this tough time.

I can’t wait to get hired by someone at this point, as long as it pays the bills. I don’t care what it is. I am a hard working member of society and I hope that I find employment soon so that me and my son are not homeless. I love you son forever and always.