Fresno, CA
April 24th, 2020|

I moved to Merced in 2014. Two weeks prior I gave birth to my seventh boy. I had no where to go but HHSA offered a two week hotel while searching for permanent housing. I was coming up to final days so I asked the manager if I could housekeep in exchange for an extended stay. He gave me and my boyfriend at the time a better offer in Merced. We jumped to the opportunity. They even helped with gas for my car. It was hard work but well worth it I could break as often as I needed to breast feed my son. I knew it wasn’t a permanent solution. I started attending church next door and applied for a studio apartment across the street, but the relationship I was in started to become toxic. I needed to find a way out.

In 2016 I was offered a job in Reedley closer to two of my boys. I jumped on the offer. I explained to my then boyfriend we weren’t working out and he would have to stay in Merced. I thought things were falling in to place almost like they did when I moved to Merced. I gave the rental company my 30 day notice letting Vicky know I would be leaving at the end of February. She asked if we were both leaving since I only listed myself on the notice to vacate. I explained I would be the only one leaving since boyfriend already had a decent job in Merced. The rent was paid in full and current by the time I moved out. TANF helped me with relocation expenses for my new apartment.

Years went by and my ex boyfriend had begun stalking me and almost got me fired from my job. So I stopped talking to him all together. I researched filing a stay away order on him, but never filed. In August 2018 I was let go from the job I started in 2016. I had to start looking for affordable housing. That’s when I learned my ex boyfriend was evicted from the apartment we use to share and the rental property included me in the eviction. I was upset immediately started writing to the 3 credit bureaus explaining that this was not my debt. The account would go away then come back. I finally looked into going to court to have it removed. In the mean time I had to receive an eviction on my apartment in Reedley. I couldn’t afford the place and I had no where else to go.

On December 23rd, the day my 1 and only grandson was born, the Ex-parte I filed about the apartment I left in 2016 was granted. the judge basically reopened the case allowing me to respond as to why the eviction happened. My response was i wasn’t living there at the time and had given the 30 day notice when I moved out in 2016. The rental company claims they never received my notice. I mentioned to the courts I’m unable to rent anywhere as a result I’m homeless. The judge said there are certain steps we need to follow before a ruling had to be made unless the rental company wanted to rule the same day. The heartless landlord said no, he wanted to go ahead with the steps. I filed the same exact response I filed previously again on January 2nd except now I added a letter from Pacific Gas and Electric Company saying I had moved in and turned on service April 2016.

I’m still waiting to hear from their attorney as to when we can go to court on this matter. Since leaving my apartment in October 2019 we moved from house to house school to school. Lots of pain, confusion and suffering.