Rome, NY
June 26th, 2020|

Back in March I was going to hold rent till my landlord would fix 3 windows that are so old and glued shut. My son’s window only has glass on top, and it’s the only screen and storm window. All the outlets are as old as the building, and when the shower water rose past ankles, my landlord said she would send her son over to do what needs to be done. So on March 4th, he shows up, and i tell him what needs to be fixed he say ok, he will come back tomorrow. On the 10th of March i get eviction notes for April. I was told by the tenants downstairs my landlord doesn’t have this place down as rentals, and that she did the same thing to a few other tenants that lived here. All because we asked for things to be fixed. I have to be out next month and to rent a two bedroom is crazy. Over a thousand dollars first and last months rent its hard and lots of places do not allow pets.