Tampa , FL
June 26th, 2020|

Hi my name is Jaterrica, I’m 36 years old and this is my story. It all started out when I had me an apartment and my best friend got arrested. I didn’t know what had happened, so I went to go find her. We was living in an 3 bed apartment complex, and when I got there to see what happened, out of nowhere this cop arrested me for no reason. I fought my case and had to pay $200 to have my record expunged. Ended up losing my place to stay because I was arrested for no reason, so the judge couldn’t help me keep my place. I got evicted from my apartment. I went from home to home with my son. Then I ran into some people that said they was going to help me, and me being the kind person that I am, I asked them can they help me and my friend because she had a child too. Only to find out the friend I was helping would cause me to lose a place for me and my son to lay our heads. And here it is we are homeless now, in a place we don’t really know about, all because she was too selfish to follow the rules which jeopardized our place. The place we live in now is not stable or livable for me or my son, but they insist we pay rent for an unstable place. No jobs are hiring right now due to the COVID-19. And they expect me to come up with rent. I am not able to come up with that type of money before July 1.