Apollo Beach, FL
June 30th, 2020|

I am currently living in a home and was living with my landlord / roommate up until May. I am located south of Tampa, and she started a new job in Melbourne on the opposite coast. I took care of her dogs for a month and still paid my rent. In May she finally came and took her dogs and also her cat, and she was supposed to afford me time to move onto a 28-foot boat at a local marina. I also packed up her entire house when she called me the night before the moving men were to be there at 9 a.m. in the morning. I was up until 5:30 that morning and I’m a disabled veteran mind you, & it basically almost crippled me. It sent me flat on my back for three days. She was going to work a double shift on Memorial Day, so I was actually going to come to her new home in Melbourne and dog sit for her with the understanding that she would pay for my gas both ways and throw in a little extra also.

The next thing I know she calls me a couple days prior and asked me if I want to be her mule and, I knew immediately what that was all about. I was flabbergasted she wanted me to transport a quarter pound of marijuana clear across the state in my trunk. I said NO WAY. Then the campaign of harassment started immediately without delay. She barged into my house at 12:30 in the morning on Memorial Day to collect the cat. That’s what she gave me as an excuse anyways, but it was all about intimidation.

I believe in the Second Amendment and I own guns. I didn’t know who was coming through the door, for all I knew it was a home invasion because honestly at that time of night that’s the only thing I could think it was. So I had my 9 mil in hand, and she’s was very fortunate that the light from the night light gave me a clear view of her when I rounded the corner from my bedroom because honestly she sounded like a bull in a china shop coming through my front door and. I was ready to defend life and property which is my 2nd Amendment Right to do so. I was none too happy about it and let her know it, and the next thing I know the following day she sic’d her lawyer husband on me, and he entered my house when I wasn’t home. I confronted him in the driveway, and the very next day I had boilerplate printed at-home eviction notices taped to both my doors, giving me two days to vacate the premises.

I have every intention of being out by July 3rd as I have made appointments at the Registry for the title to the boat and the registration sticker, and I am getting liability insurance in two days. This is where I’m at. I feel so much better getting this off my chest, and these two people are very bad people. They are severely lacking in character, and to think for a half a second that I would even consider transporting a quarter pound of weed across the state; I’m just blown away. Just contemplating that she would actually think I would go for that probably because I did everything else she asked me to do so yeah; as a disabled elderly veteran, I’m being terrorized at the moment and, I can’t get out of here soon enough.

Wish me luck. Signed, Penny.