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Mount dora, FL
February 10th, 2021|

My story begins in September 2019, when my partner of 13 years was diagnosed with liver cancer. We had our own business and home and five children living with us. Their ages ranged between 6 and 20. It was the beginning of a journey that marked many challenges for me, and what I feared most was being left without a home or a father for my children.I enrolled into school just to have some kind of flexible work certification for us to fall back on. After my husband had many cancer treatments, and covid came knocking on my door in 2020, I graduated from the program. Weeks later my partner had to be in the care of the hospital, so the kids and I would no longer have him at home. As my kids watched their dad take his last breath, I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. My life unfortunately was changing, and all I could do was reassure my kids that I wasn’t going anywhere. Shortly after, my partner’s pervious family came and confiscated everything—titles for cars, the business truck—and gave me four months to move. I spent the last of our hard-earned money on the funeral and paying his family for our home that they would later confiscate. It was a hard pill to swallow, but I did it gracefully because at that point I couldn’t even mourn my partner. I had to be strong.

Currently I’m working, but I’m nowhere near getting a place I can call home. I know in my heart ♥ though that when I do, it will be one if the greatest feelings in world.

P.S. Where there’s faith, the possibilities are endless.