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Stories From Our Community
Read eviction stories shared by visitors to this site. If you’ve ever faced eviction, click below to add your own story.
  • Shequita E

    I was evicted after reaching out for help after telling my landlord everything I was dealing with. Plus she had me to pay my rent so that Cap can assist me with January rent as we discussed way before she file eviction notice, plus my 18 year daughter was in the mental health hospital at the time. I paid my rent for what she said I owe; after that evicted me once she took me through all that pain and suffering. Still lost my home now I’m homeless, me and my girls.

  • Margaret P

    I started writing my story and was called away before I finished. Now I can’t find it to fi ish it , so I will try again , only condense it more .On Nov. 6 2020 , we heard a noise outside our patio and looked out to see flames coming out of our upstairs neighbor’s apt. We immediately left the building. The building was destroyed in some areas but everyone had to move. We had a lot of water and mold damage.


  • Mary

    I need help with affordable housing. I’m homeless and have been looking for a place every sense august. I work it’s hard. When the pandemic started and became so bad my hours changed kids where out of school I got behind.when help became available I went to get help it was promising and I saved money from stimulus. But when I spoke with management they said they would not except partial payments and evicted me and my family. Please help.

  • Brandy H & Larry M

    Yes we were given 10minutes to get out of our house my husband was at work the sheriff and landlord kicked my two kids out on the street never got a date get out . we we’re kicked out September 15th 2021 witch was still during the epidemic from the covid Corona virus, come to find out the cop was more less a rent a cop and there was no legal eviction to get out. They strong armed us out.


    I am an appointed Code Enforcement Officer in a few small municipalities near where I live in Pottsville PA. I have been told by the owner of the property that I live in that I must move. He wanted us out on December 30th. Us is myself and my 12-year-old son that suffers from asthma and minor issues that his pediatric psychologist diagnosed him with during COVID 19. (more…)

  • JUDY S

    I am currently only $200 behind on my rent, I am asking to please get help with future rent also.. Ty.. 🙂

  • Charlynn F

    Good morning/ I would like to share my story about an eviction that I received on December 20th and then my daughter and I were evicted on December 23rd without notice. I purchased a land contract home. The pandemic hit, and I called the the lawyer to finalize the last payment. He then stated then he did not want the payment, he wanted the property back. (more…)

  • Alicia S

    I October 2021 I ended up losing my apartment when my roommate moved out and May and my partner was incarcerated for defending her property. I ended up missing the date to be able to respond to the eviction because I had no way of getting there and I had no money to do it online, so I proceeded to to pack my stuff and get ready to move. As I was trying to move I ended up getting robbed and kidnapped and my van stolen and I lost most of my belongings and had to move to another city. (more…)

  • Miranda L

    Me and my dad lived together. He was a retired postal worker. He had to retire due to a heart attack which followed with a pacemaker and then he contracted MRSA during the pacemaker surgery. Its then we fell behind on rent. I had the declaration served on my land lord and which the CDC had us as a covered person. My landlord refused to corporate and denied any funds owed to him by renters relief. My dad passed away. (more…)

  • Candace P

    I need help. I’m homeless and they’re not doing to much here in Springfield Ohio to help. I’ve called and told them a lot of times, and they say there’s nothing they can do, to keep calling back. I’m homeless. I don’t have a phone. It’s winter outside trying to keep warm is hard enough. It’s even harder to find a phone. Please help me please.

  • Staci R

    Well I’ve been at my residence for about 30 years and my landlord’s grandson bought it and want sto move new homes in here, and that’s after they raised rent on us twice. Gave us 60 days to move our mobile home which cost thousands of dollars to do. What can we do

  • CJ

    I arrived home from school and noticed a paper taped to our door I said daddy there’s a Eviction paper on the door. My heart sank . I I had a bad feeling. That moment my life changed . The next morning I heard the words son pack your bags were leaving . The moving process was humbling . I thought I was going to be at the house forever. Being evicted changed my perspective on life. And showed me what being an adult is really about .

  • Charles

    I had walked up to the front door as usual and noticed a letter with scotch tape it read “Eviction”. this was back in 2012 my jr year of high school. The next morning my father asked my to pack EVERYTHING (my clothes) into bag. that night we went looking for a hotel room. That following week we had emptied the entire house . Luckly we could afford a storage facility to put what we couldn’t take with us to our apartment.

  • Sandra H.

    I’m a single mother of 3. I applied for the rent relief program in Feb. In March I received an email saying they launched a new system and that I would have to reapply. I did as soon as I got the email. I received a confirmation email saying my application was successfully submitted. I waited patiently. In June I received a heart dropping email saying my application was denied. (more…)

  • Tamara W.

    My fiancé and I moved into a trailer park in Jan 2019. We needed to find somewhere fast due to his grandmothers passing and her home sold off. We live on his disability of $500 per month. ( I’m in process filing now for my disability from lupus, RA mental health etc). We moved into a trailer park and had to pay previous renters back rent of $1,900 to be allowed the home. Once we moved into the home we realized there was no running water or sewage. The previous renters destroyed the underground piping. (more…)

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