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    The home I lived in for 9 years (1114 Holbrook Street NE) Was sold in a foreclosure sale. We never received any notice for Court. The Attorney that was Assigned to Oversee the Property Helped his friend buy the property. The New Owner along with Representatives Changed my locks and removed everything I owned. (more…)

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    Marilyn V

    The apartment I lived in I had been there for 9 yrs. I was paying $580.00 plus tax. The property was sold and new owners renovated apartments. They wanted me to stay but rent went from $580-$1500 a month. I get $961.00 from Social Security. March 1st, I became homeless. I have 1st and last, deposit for utilities, and moving truck, I’m almost to the penny on budget. I’m paying storage fees of $406.00 a month. (more…)

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    Flores family

    The landlords were given the upper hand and always tried to intimidate renter to the point of “I want and I will take your money.” They use the power and authority to extreme. In my town the court systems will take real quick to evict someone into homelessness. (more…)

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    I was kicked out of my home after caring for my dad with Alzheimer’s and I am disabled too on SSI and I was his guardian and conservator. (more…)

  • RoShawna S

    I live in Tulsa Oklahoma in a fairly decent sized apartment complex. I was working as a MHT mental health pet for Brookhaven I was fired after two-and-a-half 3 months of being infected with covid from the facility. I was forced back on the schedule to work as I was ill the thing is when you’re on the schedule and don’t show up for your shift it’s called abandonment of patient so you lose your job.


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    Davonna W

    I was fired from my job the day before Thanksgiving 2020 and I have not had great luck with finding assistance to help me pay for rent. All the links I’ve visited say that I am not eligible for rental assistance. I’ve applied once and last year and also again early this year but still no luck.

  • Stacey

    I’m going through an unlawful eviction. I had been out of work for 3 weeks because two of my children had Covid-19, and my rent was 14 days late when I came out of quarantine. I went to pay it, and they said that the eviction had already been filed and locked us out on March 17th at 10:30 am, Wednesday morning. He and the civil court and my lawyer all received the moratorium form, and it was certified by the courts, but since a judge didn’t sign it, they said it didn’t really mean anything. (more…)

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    About a year and a half ago, we were living in a trailer that was on someone’s property. Since this wasn’t the only trailer on the property, we did not think that it was being rented out illegally. It wasn’t until the EPA advised us that we should move as quickly as possible that we found out that the owner shouldn’t have been renting out any of the trailers. Unbeknownst to any of the tenants on the property, he had been told by the state to stop renting out the trailers, but had not told anyone anything until he was threatened with $1000 per day fine for having tenants living on the property. (more…)

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    I am a Native American single mother of four kids. I became homeless with my kids two years ago. We have been through it all. From sleeping in a tent, to couch surfing, to staying in motels and in our vehicle. We are still homeless and hope something comes through. It’s hard on my kids. We are trying to function the best way we can. School is a big issue, and it’s become overwhelming. Despite our trials and tribulations, we still love and support each other. We also try to help others, even if we have nothing but love, care and support. Thank you and God Bless.

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    M. Tracy

    I had a co-tenant lease with two other housemates. In July, one housemate got sick with COVID, and the other moved out. My landlord nulled the lease while the housemate was in the hospital with COVID. Then the landlord proceeded to harass me while I was attempting to a find places to live, because I could not leave in 15 days like she wanted. She also broke into the house, without a 24-hour notice, and a week later she filed a UD lawsuit in retaliation because I had called the cops after she broke in. The court has not only made it more difficult for me, but actively given me less time to file a response and even sped up the jury trial I requested to be in a week. She is suing me for COVID-related debt owed by my housemates’ whom she let out of the lease. However, in her complaint, she pretends like it is an at-fault eviction without stating the fault so she can get it through the court.

  • Aileen

    My husband has always been a hardworking man. One day he came home from work crying, in a lot of pain all over his entire body. He kept asking me to forgive him because he is in so much pain that he cannot work anymore. This happened during October 2020. My husband has applied for SSI Disability. I am disabled myself, raising our grandson who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now there are 3 people in our home who are disabled. (more…)

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    I would like to share my situation to give some insight on what’s going on in Mississippi courts. I just left court an hour ago. This is the second time my landlord has filed for eviction during the pandemic. We filed the moratorium in October and had the first case dismissed. We paid rent to date up until last month. Our landlord said she would find a reason to evict us and she did. She said we had an extra dog than was approved 7 years ago, when the lease was initiated; however, she was aware of the “extra” dog and had no problem with it until last month. (more…)

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    I’ve been calling everyone to ask for help paying my utility bill and my rent. Social services and the salvation army are telling me they really cannot help me. I told them I can’t work because I don’t have anyone to watch my three grandchildren. All three of my grandkids have a disability. Two of them have asthma, and my other grandson is on medication for disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. (more…)

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    For the covid crisis, the government only wants to give us $1,200 the first time and $600 this time. How is that paying our rent? Or bills? There’s no jobs. There’s nothing. We need help. We should get $1,200 a month to be able to pay for bills and rent.

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    Long story short, my landlord, even though I paid my rent, still filed a malicious eviction around the time the pandemic began in 2020. This was a frivolous attempt to keep my $850 deposit. I was being harassed by the landlord and his tenants. I was the only FM in the house, plus I have proof of persecution as well. The landlord even put a fake ad out there to prevent me from moving, and he told me in a text he knew everyone who rented. I have proof of foul play and am being prevented from seeking legal help. Even the judge denied the removal of the eviction when I proved this to her and had a witness to the event.

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