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Stories From Our Community
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    I saw the Eviction Lab had no data for evictions in Alaska, so I’d like to share my story with you. It all started with deed fraud. Some guy got a quitclaim deed for my house, and he served me with a forcible entry and detainer. I went to court and tried to address the actual facts of the situation, and the judge absolutely ignored everything I was saying.  (more…)

  • Christian

    My story is a little different since my family is being evicted without ever breaking our lease. We were never late on rent. We also own our own home, but rent the land. Our landlord hired an attorney to have us evicted. My lease said my landlord was supposed to pay into a relocation fund each month. They never paid, so we will receive no reimbursement for our house. We paid $25,000 for the house five years ago. We saved for years for this house so our kids could go to a good school. The judge granted us protection under the COVID-19 rules, but my landlord’s attorney somehow got the eviction through early. I never even had a hearing. I have no attorney so no one will listen to me. (more…)

  • Kelsey

    I was given a notice to vacate in October 2020. My landlord is selling the 5-bedroom home we have been renting since October 2017. He told me and my six children that we could rent from him indefinitely, so I never really worried about a future housing obstacle. (more…)

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    The landlord is throwing me and my two boys out. To top it off, this is a new landlord – our old landlord left without letting the complex know that they where selling the place and throwing us out. The new landlord wants to charge us for October and November rent, and we tenants don’t know what to do. We already paid our October rent to the old landlord.

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    I am a single mom with three children, earning a monthly income of $2,100. I moved into an apartment in November 2019. I had just been evicted from my 2 bedroom in Humboldt Park area, Chicago, an area that is RIPE with gentrification. The rent was $877/month. The building had been recently renovated, and they tried to advertise as lofts/condos for sale. That neighborhood wasn’t quite ready for that yet. The building had property management, but each unit was owned by different people. The Sec.8 unit rented for $1,250, but market rent was $770-900. The property management company wanted to maximize. They claimed I “damaged” the unit. This was the loophole to terminate the lease, even though I had been in that apartment for 5 years, and that was natural where and tear. This where my EVICTION TRAIN WRECK begins. (more…)

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    Matthew and I were evicted by our landlord in Mesa, Az. We are now living in my mom’s closet. I am an advocate and closest to Matthew but never really “lived” with him til the very end because he felt threatened by our landlord and didn’t want to/couldn’t be alone. Matthew has Cystic Fibrosis, he is now doing everything he can to avoid COVID-19 and stay out of the hospital. We knew the move was going to stress him out and the CDC moratorium helped a few times in court, but the landlord just kept filing new reasons, and then he just never gave a court date on the last notice. (more…)

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    My husband became disabled last year in November. Due to a five month waiting period, we got behind on our rent. We were served notice to quit and got a low income fee attorney. At court we did mediation with landlord’s attorneys. We were approved for a housing voucher, and part of the mediation agreement was our landlord would accept voucher, but my landlord would not accept the voucher because it would not cover the full rent amount. So mediation in court fell through. My husband then got very sick with COVID-19 pneumonia and almost passed away. (more…)

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    I’m a mother of two trying to provide for her family. My kid’s dad past away on October 11, 2019, due to what I believe was an overdose of Ativan. I had demanded they not give him the second dose, but they did anyway. My kids and their dad were best friends, and I had seen him every day of my life for 14 years, then in an instant he was gone. I became the soul provider for us, so there was no time for grieving really. I was working for myself as a handyman, and was pretty behind on rent, so I got help from a church to pay rent up so that I could just focus on providing and not have the stress of eviction.


  • Ruslan

    Hi, I’m Ruslan, a 32-year-old man who can’t figure out how to get out of a deep financial hole. When I was young, foolish, and full of energy, I was doing great with credit, making stable payments on my cards, with excellent credit history. I decided to buy a dirt bike with my credit, and long story short, I wrecked and couldn’t keep my position at work. This meant different wages, which made me not capable of keeping up with my payments. That’s when everything went downhill.


  • Candace

    I have lived in my apartment for four years. I have two boys—17 and 7. This is the only home my 7-year-old knows. This is the only place he remembers seeing his father and having racing games with him. His father was murdered in 2017.


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    My husband and I are going to evicted because we’re two months behind on our rent. With no car at the present moment, and my husband being sick and having to go to doctors appointments, it’s not very easy. My husband gets Social Security and SSI. Maybe we will get a break soon and everything will work out for us. Godspeed to everyone in this difficult time.

  • Seren

    I am writing to share my personal story: At age 57, I’m facing eviction and homelessness with severe food and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Crohn’s disease, an ileostomy, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These conditions mean that I’m even more susceptible to contracting COVID-19.


  • David

    In 2016, I was with my dream girl, living in a 4 bedroom home in a great neighborhood. She was pregnant and working as a nurse, and I was working a side job painting a sign for a new taco restaurant in town. After work one day, I had a terrible headache. When I started towards the front door of the house, I fell over, hitting my head on the concrete driveway. I tried to get up and kept falling over. I had no idea what was happening. The techs arrived and quickly explained I was having a stroke. My brain was hemorrhaging and I was airlifted to Gainesville, where they saved my life and explained to me the severity of my condition. 


  • Samantha

    With a two-year-old daughter, my partner and I became so terrified as the pandemic got more serious. My partner is a disabled veteran and our daughter is autistic, so I’ve been the only one who could really work, but when the pandemic hit, I couldn’t get my license renewed with the state being shut down. The person that we once saw as a friend, who allowed us to rent from him, quickly turned into the big bad wolf. He wouldn’t give us the chance to pay him. He said he didn’t want our money; he wanted us out. (more…)

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    I am a tenant currently on Section 8 who, because I have health issues and so does my mom whom I help, hasn’t been able to access my mailbox since I had a bad car accident. As a result, my voucher is at risk of being terminated. I can’t find suitable housing for us to move into due to my issues and with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this and the nonpayment of rent, my landlord is trying to threaten me with eviction if I don’t sign a new lease, so that he can resume getting payments through their assistance, or else I have to move out. (more…)

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