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    Hello, my name is Carita. I was behind on rent for one month this past October. I applied for help with rent, and I had talked to my landlord about it and he said ok. I did all the necessary paperwork and got approved, but the landlord didn’t want to sign the paperwork. I also filled out an eviction moratorium form, but he wouldn’t take it. I was served eviction papers, and in court the judge granted the eviction.

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    My home was foreclosed on in August of 2019. Wells Fargo was the servicer. They refused to answer my questions that I sent to them in a certified document, and then sent me an absolutely ridiculous document that had nothing to do with my mortgage or the loan. At the time I was living by myself in the home, with no family to assist me. I was having to pay some serious household expenses, such as getting my furnace fixed in the middle of winter with no heat. I had to get a heating company to fix it, and of course the cost was the exact amount of the mortgage payment. Well, Wells Fargo did not believe me, and they foreclosed my home and and sold it at an online auction on August 18, 2020. (more…)

  • David

    My dad was a Vietnam war veteran and worked hard all his life. He became a widower in 1998, but eventually remarried and had a daughter—my sister. After a couple of years of living in a small trailer house, he and his wife had a Jim Walters home built on his wife’s property in Pleasanton, Texas, in early 2000. After 17 years of happiness, the mortgage company sent a notice that the property taxes were behind, and that they were going add the total to the bill. (more…)

  • Jessica

    My three children and I have just been served eviction papers due to back rent being due. We were verbally asked to vacate as soon as possible. We were one and a half months behind on rent, but always paying something when we could. A lot of Americans can say the same right now due to this pandemic crisis. Two of my kids are adults—18 and 21—and they never received their pandemic unemployment benefits. One of them didn’t even get a stimulus check. I had received my PUA benefits, and I paid as much as I could as often as possible to our landlord. Meanwhile we are struggling to afford everyday household necessities, trying to keep our phones on, struggling to keep my newly-opened online business running, and to have food when our SNAP benefits are delayed or run out. (more…)

  • Melissa

    My husband always jokes with me that I lived a sheltered life growing up. It’s true—I never saw a homeless person in my hometown of Muskogee, Oklahoma, and our Salvation Army was a thrift store, not a shelter. But I’d always considered us a “poor” family. I grew up using food stamps, usually only got one Christmas present, and I knew what it was like to do without utilities while my dear mother waited for her next check so we could have them turned back on. So I was completely thrown off when the family I have now ended up living in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the local Salvation Army shelter, and later at the Tulsa Day Center for the homeless. It was a whole new world for me. One that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. (more…)

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    I lived with my boyfriend of 13 years in the home that he was raised in since kindergarten. The home was left to him and his two other siblings. His sister filed for bankruptcy, and she didn’t list the home as exempt. Because of this, we were evicted from the home that was completely paid for. I just don’t get how the bankruptcy and her lawyer could do this to us. I’m so upset because I lost things like my children’s pictures when they were little. I can never replace them. I also lost my father’s ashes. (more…)

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    My story begins in September 2019, when my partner of 13 years was diagnosed with liver cancer. We had our own business and home and five children living with us. Their ages ranged between 6 and 20. It was the beginning of a journey that marked many challenges for me, and what I feared most was being left without a home or a father for my children. (more…)

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    I’m a single mother with four kids, and I’m about to be homeless. I’m scared because of the pandemic. I’m looking to rent a room because that’s all I can afford, but so far no one will to rent me. I don’t want my kids out there on the streets. If anyone can please help us, anything would be truly appreciated.

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    I fell behind on my rent, but I was still trying to pay it when my landlord stopped taking my payments. Then they served me with eviction papers stating that the reason was they simply didn’t want to renew my lease. They intentionally left out that I was struggling to make the payments, so they could evict me and bypass the eviction blocking law. I’m a single mom with two kids. We are now we are in a hotel, and I’ve been taking my belongings to the pawn shop every day just to pay for our room. I won’t be able to keep this up.

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    I have been on unemployment since April 2020. I only get $134 a week from unemployment. My husband doesn’t get anything. We got behind on rent. Got behind on everything. Lights and water. Internet, car payments. We went to the agencies here in my town, but no one could help us with the rent. They only had limited funds for utilities. My work closed permanently in September. I had been there for 14 months. (more…)

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    Hi, my name is Paul and I am 58 years old. I have had COPD for the past 8 years. In February of 2020, I rented a trailer from a lady for $300 per month, without a written agreement, but got a text from her saying I could have it for as long as I wanted it. Four months later someone came to my place with 4 other guys saying leave or be thrown out, so me and my dog Abby left. (more…)

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    My husband and I have been homeless for about 6 months. We were rooming with a couple of other people, but when COVID-19 started, we were asked to leave because we were not on the lease. We had no choice but to go. We live between our car and sometimes the floor of a storage room on a mattress. I’m working thankfully, but we cannot find a place to rent or live.

  • Zeruiah

    I was able to pay my rent up until October 2020, but then my unemployment benefits were canceled, and there is still no way to talk to a real person who could explain what to do or how to do it. The complex where I live sent out red notices instead of the management office mailing them, and they placed the red rent delinquent letters outside of our apartment doors where anyone and everyone can see them and read them. I’ve been begging out on the streets of Chicago to get money for rent and food. Not to mention I have underlying health issues that could become terminal if I don’t get treated properly. I have no health insurance either. (more…)

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    I was evicted on my birthday, June 23, 2020. My kids had decided to have a little something for my birthday, so my daughter, daughter-in-law, grandson, son and his friend got the grill together. I made a quick stop to go pick up my baby girl from work, and when we were pulling up back home, the young lady that lived next to us was heading toward my apartment. (more…)

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    My story started long before Covid-19. I got evicted from the townhouse that me, my husband, and our two children had called home for 16 years. I had been diagnosed with a lump in my breast and had just had surgery the day before a sheriff and his team came to put us and our belongings out. My life changed forever. To make matters worse, we are still caring for our son who suffers from bipolar disorder, and my daughter is graduating from high school this year.

    I have tried in vain to ask for housing assistance since we are doubled up in a basement sharing one bathroom and two very small bedrooms. My son has a small corner in the kitchen where he has his bed and all his stuff around his bed! I have written emails, made phone calls, and filled out forms for assistance in vain. I was told that I cannot be given housing assistance unless we live in a car, the street, or another place not meant for human habitation.

    At the moment, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to get assistance for paying the rent for our small space. I have been on furlough and my husband was laid off in April, both as a result of Covid. I remain hopeful that I will land in the right office one of these days and obtain the assistance I am seeking. We have moved more than five times in less than one year.

    We are a hard-working couple, and though we have managed to stay afloat thus far, our time is running out since we lost a large chunk of our earnings with the onset of the pandemic. Plus our situation was already fragile due to the first eviction.

    As soon as the pandemic started, our landlord, who was residing in the same house with us, gave us a 30-day notice to vacate the house. This was despite the fact that we were up-to-date on rent. We were forced to move where we are currently in a basement, bundled up with little to no privacy.

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