UPDATE:  The CDC eviction moratorium has ended.  Read The Eviction Lab's FAQ to learn more.


Stories From Our Community
Read eviction stories shared by visitors to this site. If you’ve ever faced eviction, click below to add your own story.
  • Cassie Bohannon

    I returned home after running errands one day and my son gave me an Eviction Notice that had been given to him by the property manager. I didn’t even know that a property manager can evict you without giving a reason. I immediately emailed the property management and told her that we would be out of the apartment by the 29th and the eviction would not be necessary. She agreed that if I was out by the 29th that she would not file the eviction in court.

    3 days after agreeing she wouldn’t file it, she started sending vindictive and threatening emails repeatedly saying, “You better be looking for an apartment because I will file the Unlawful Detainer — You need to be OUT right away.”  (more…)

  • Denise Killian

    I moved into an apartment in December of 2012. It was in an area known for violence and drug trafficking, but I wasn’t able to afford something in a safer neighborhood. I got a job repairing and cleaning up the apartment complex, and was heavily involved with property management, including block watch.  Unfortunately, drug trafficking and vandalism worsened on the property. This worried me as I am a disabled individual with P.T.S.D. and have been the victim of assault and domestic violence.  (more…)

  • Hollie Nebelski

    It was 2010. I was twenty with a two-year-old daughter and a six-month-old son. I was working full time, while my fiancé was in and out of work. Every month we struggled to make the bills. One night around 9 p.m., the landlord stopped by, and I paid him half the rent. We agreed that I would pay the rest by the end of the month.

    But a few days later, I arrived home to find an eviction notice taped to my door. (more…)

  • Beatrice M. Hogg

    I have been a renter since 1984 and I have worked pretty steadily since 1980. I left my stressful job in Sacramento with the State of California in August 2008, thinking that I would have no trouble getting another job. A few months later, the economic downturn hit. Government hiring was frozen and no one would hire me because it was assumed that I wouldn’t be happy with a lower paying job. After working some part time jobs and receiving Unemployment Insurance extension benefits, I was evicted from my apartment of ten years, a week before Christmas in 2011. (more…)

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Stories From Our Community
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