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Stories From Our Community
Read eviction stories shared by visitors to this site. If you’ve ever faced eviction, click below to add your own story.
  • Melissa

    My landlord is making me move out of my home that I’ve lived in for 4 years, just so he can live in this place. My neighbors said he can’t do that, and that the eviction notice is invalid, because he did not go through the proper means of serving an eviction notice. My neighbor said he can’t do that because of the COVID-19 eviction order, and I think Colorado is still under the stay-at-home order. My landlord also said he wouldn’t be giving me back my deposit. I can’t afford to move, there are no places within my budget, and I’m on SSI without HUD or Section 8. Section 8 and HUD in Pueblo, CO will not be open to the public to assist anyone until OCTOBER!!!

    According to the eviction notice, I have to be out by May 31st at 5 pm, or he’ll charge me $30/day plus May rent, after he had previously told me that I don’t have to pay for May so that I can have money to move. I don’t think this is fair, considering I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t find an apartment, because apartment managers want a prospective tenant to make at least twice or three times the rent amount, and I can’t do that. I have 2 parakeets, and I do not want them to be homeless, either. Should I stay, or should I just move and file a lawsuit for wrongful eviction? I need help and I’m running out of time…

  • Kariesha

    Hey my name is Kariesha, a mother of 4 kids. I have a eviction from 2019 due to the manager didn’t like me and lied on me and gave me 30 day notice to move and I didn’t cause she didn’t have a reason for me to move and on top of every thing she made fake paper work.

  • KSandra

    I was attacked by my ex boyfriend and in turn I lost my kids, a roof over my head, and my faith in any justice. Losing all that I live for, has left me feeling no purpose to carry on. Nobody deserves to not be heard and NOBODY deserves to be robbed of their purpose in life.

  • Carrie G

    My life has been in danger ever since my horrible eviction from my home of 60 years which I inherited half of. It was where I grew up and was sole caregiver to my Dad who passed away in 2017. When my dad passed away suddenly, my brother sold the house out from underneath me and evicted me. (more…)

  • Patrick

    I’m trying to get my story out there and having no luck. I am displaced because of coronavirus and not because I am out of a job and can’t pay rent, but because someone moved into my apartment to quarantine while I was out of town and now my landlord won’t let me back in. (more…)

  • Lorraine

    I moved to Merced in 2014. Two weeks prior I gave birth to my seventh boy. I had no where to go but HHSA offered a two week hotel while searching for permanent housing. I was coming up to final days so I asked the manager if I could housekeep in exchange for an extended stay. (more…)

  • Christina

    Hi my name is Christy and I lived in Martinsville, Illinois. On March 21, 5 minutes before noon, they came and threw us out like animals at a time when I was recovering from being sick. (more…)

  • Jonathan

    I was renting a room from a man I met on Craigslist showed in search of a roommate. I was paying $700 a month to have one bedroom. I paid my rent on time every month in full. In March he told me his brother was moving in I had 48 hours to leave. I refused to leave and after 48 hours he tried to change the locks so I called the police. (more…)

  • Donya T.

    I am 64-yo retired grandmother, evicted in Florida while raising 2-children “left behind.” Evictions stay on file 7 years and expungements are rare. From FEMA fraud to prevalent, property-owner protection by the family courts, a cruel and discriminatory system fuels the housing crisis among Central Florida’s impoverished seniors. (more…)

  • Chrisha C.

    Hello, my name is Chrisha C. and I’ve been homeless for about two years now. I lost everything due to a domestic violence case, the abuse coming from my husband. I worked so hard to leave and now I don’t know where to turn or who to talk to. I’m just about ready to give up on life. (more…)

  • Mary

    Thank you for your research, book and ongoing efforts to champion the cause of affordable housing, in what is touted as the richest country in the world. I am inspired by the strength and perseverance of people everywhere who are facing eviction. (more…)

  • Lindsay V

    My son and I are facing eviction right now. I have court on the 18th of this month. I’ve been here 4 years now, but I lost my job due to daycare issues.


  • Monica

    I am a single mother of 2 children and I have a college degree. Due to the fact that both of my children are disabled (my son has a learning disability and my daughter has severe asthma), I am not employed full time. I work part time as a parent resource specialist. I am currently residing in an apartment that is more than 40 percent of my income. I pay rent late every month because I get paid once a month.  (more…)

  • Lynnette

    In November of 2013 shortly before Thanksgiving, I came home to find an unlawful detainer had been served against me by my landlord’s management company for 3 months of unpaid rent. I immediately searched for my receipts, and found all but one. I did, however, find my receipt for sending it by certified mail. They did not apologize, but made copies of my receipts, and said they would contact me.

    Court was in a week. When nearly a week passed with no call, I called them. I expressed my concern about not being contacted. Late in the evening of the day before the scheduled hearing, I discovered a voicemail telling me the hearing would still take place. I took off work and showed up early and registered. (more…)

  • Robin Lindner

    Hello Matthew and Tessa! My name is Robin Lindner. I’m a college student at Lord Fairfax Community College, I’m Middletown, VA. It’s really ironic that I’m taking courses in Human Services and we’re studing your book EVICTED and I’m on the brink of being evicted myself.  (more…)

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