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Stories From Our Community
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  • Pamela

    I lived in my home for 19 years. Was alway allowed to smoke in the home, then landlord sold the home, and after 17 years the new owner put a piece of paper in my mailbox saying no more smoking in the home! So i started smoking outside, and the one time i did smoke a cig in my bedroom, the new landlord said he saw me smoking and gave me a 30 day notice to move. I tried asking for another chance but he said NO. I paid my rent alway on time for 20 years. So not fair. I am a widow and still payed my rent on time and the old landlord and i got along great, and he said i could smoke in my home. I know i messed up smoking that one cig but so mean to kick me out.

  • Shannon

    After my divorce, I stayed in our family home with our 3 children. The home was owned by my ex-husband’s parents (our children’s grandparents). When my husband and I were married, we often could not afford to pay his parents rent because he could not keep a job. After he moved out, my father-in-law charged me $750 per month. After 1 year, he increased the rent to $2000 per month. It was supposed to stay at $2000 until our youngest graduated high school (about 8 years). However, my ex-father-in-law passed away and my ex-husband and his sibling raised the rent to $2300 then gave me an eviction notice at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

    Once the pandemic hit, I was out of work and unable to pay rent. After notifying them that I could not pay rent, I received 2 eviction notices in the first month (one posted on my door and the other certified mail), then received a “pay or quit in 3 days” the second month.

    To avoid the harassment and stress, I found another home for our children and myself. Once we started to move things out of our house, I received a letter demanding that I allow them to enter before we were moved out. Because it was during COVID I was advised that they could not enter unless it was an emergency.

    The whole experience was very stressful but I am grateful that I am no longer being harassed.

  • Keith

    During COVID 19 my landlord said rent was due in full regardless, and $650 per month plus utilities is rough when businesses are closing and laying people off while denying unemployment benefits for over a month. He stated that at the beginning of May everyone that has not paid will be evicted per Hardin county judges. I paid $500 of it then paid $187 for electricity, and I hope that the economy reopens so I can go back to work ASAP. Cannot afford to be unemployed or sick.

  • Jane

    Ok want to start out by saying this eviction occurred during the pandemic. I went to visit my son who lives in Fort Myers which is about 90 miles one way from Bradenton. So that left only my daughter who is 18 yrs old at home. While I was visiting my son, I became ill and was admitted in the hospital. My daughter’s boyfriend had been going by checking on her until he found out I wasn’t coming home any time soon. He started staying there. I had gotten a call from my landlord saying she needed me to pay rent early. That was on March 29th and rent was paid on March 31. The very next day my daughter gets a 7 day eviction notice. It stated that I abandoned the property and I was subletting, and I owed like 6 months in late fees. I was told after the 15th rent was considered late and a fifty dollar late fee was added on. There were months I did pay after the 15th and I did pay the fifty dollar late fee. I had been renting from this person for six years. I could not believe that she would do this to us, and through the time period that we were on lockdown, with everyone not working and we were told evictions were put on hold for 45 days. Well we was served with legal eviction. How can this be happening when no one is able to work or even be out. This has destroyed my faith in human compassion and empathy for one another, by the way this is a Christian community.

  • Krysral

    Evicted because of discrimination! Because I wouldn’t go against tenants in order to help management put people out illegally, and because I had a lawsuit against them 6 years ago.

  • Michelle

    I am being evicted for hearsay and not facts. I am disabled and have no income and no place to go.

  • Amanda

    I was left evicted out of my home now I’ve been struggling for three years trying to find a steady place for me and my four kids to live. I have a four-year-old who will be 4 soon and she has a heart problem and other medical problems she has a feeding tube and it is hard to have a steady place. I got evicted because I couldn’t pay my rent because they took my husband away from me and that was income I had helping me. So i got an eviction and now i stay with out a home with my 4 kids. Nowhere will to rent to me at all. And were i’m staying at is getting hard for me. I stayed with my older sister and she had to move out because she had us staying with her. Now i stay with my other and now they are telling her it’s too much people living with her. So soon i’ll be homeless again with my 4 kids. I tried to get help from everywhere and every resource but none could help me. So i hope i can get homeless assistance again soon. I will have to be staying in motels week by week. I have no family who will let us stay with them. I really need help or somewhere for them to rent to me. I pray every day so i can get a place to live of my own. This my story.

  • Stephanie

    I’m a married mother of 7. 6 boys and 1 girl. I’m in the midst of eviction because my landlord is upset because I had a baby.
    I was already pregnant when I rented from him. He new I was having a baby and collected the rent each month while my tummy grew. He just recently told us that we were going to have a rent raise for $350 dollars, when I asked why he said because we have a new baby. My son is almost 8 months old now and he never mentioned a rent raise until this month. Whenever I told him I couldn’t afford $1350 a month in rent he then said we would be evicted. I just don’t know what to do. We are currently looking for a place to accommodate us all. But finding anywhere within our budget is a little hard. I just don’t understand how he can do this? I’m going to make him take me to court for this. The covid 19 pandemic has put financial strain on a lot of people but to basically be so harsh as to say oh you had a baby I have to raise your rent is utterly insane.

  • Melissa

    My landlord is making me move out of my home that I’ve lived in for 4 years, just so he can live in this place. My neighbors said he can’t do that, and that the eviction notice is invalid, because he did not go through the proper means of serving an eviction notice. My neighbor said he can’t do that because of the COVID-19 eviction order, and I think Colorado is still under the stay-at-home order. My landlord also said he wouldn’t be giving me back my deposit. I can’t afford to move, there are no places within my budget, and I’m on SSI without HUD or Section 8. Section 8 and HUD in Pueblo, CO will not be open to the public to assist anyone until OCTOBER!!!

    According to the eviction notice, I have to be out by May 31st at 5 pm, or he’ll charge me $30/day plus May rent, after he had previously told me that I don’t have to pay for May so that I can have money to move. I don’t think this is fair, considering I didn’t do anything wrong. I can’t find an apartment, because apartment managers want a prospective tenant to make at least twice or three times the rent amount, and I can’t do that. I have 2 parakeets, and I do not want them to be homeless, either. Should I stay, or should I just move and file a lawsuit for wrongful eviction? I need help and I’m running out of time…

  • Kariesha

    Hey my name is Kariesha, a mother of 4 kids. I have a eviction from 2019 due to the manager didn’t like me and lied on me and gave me 30 day notice to move and I didn’t cause she didn’t have a reason for me to move and on top of every thing she made fake paper work.

  • KSandra

    I was attacked by my ex boyfriend and in turn I lost my kids, a roof over my head, and my faith in any justice. Losing all that I live for, has left me feeling no purpose to carry on. Nobody deserves to not be heard and NOBODY deserves to be robbed of their purpose in life.

  • Carrie G

    My life has been in danger ever since my horrible eviction from my home of 60 years which I inherited half of. It was where I grew up and was sole caregiver to my Dad who passed away in 2017. When my dad passed away suddenly, my brother sold the house out from underneath me and evicted me. (more…)

  • Patrick

    I’m trying to get my story out there and having no luck. I am displaced because of coronavirus and not because I am out of a job and can’t pay rent, but because someone moved into my apartment to quarantine while I was out of town and now my landlord won’t let me back in. (more…)

  • Lorraine

    I moved to Merced in 2014. Two weeks prior I gave birth to my seventh boy. I had no where to go but HHSA offered a two week hotel while searching for permanent housing. I was coming up to final days so I asked the manager if I could housekeep in exchange for an extended stay. (more…)

  • Christina

    Hi my name is Christy and I lived in Martinsville, Illinois. On March 21, 5 minutes before noon, they came and threw us out like animals at a time when I was recovering from being sick. (more…)

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